End of Project Evaluation and Report.

I was asked to undertake a full evaluation at the end of a three-year grant funded project for a not-for-profit organisation that provides training and services for some of the most deprived communities in Birmingham. 


The successful, but highly oversubscribed project had delivered informal learning and confidence building activities for beneficiaries from local BAME communities facing challenges of economic and social deprivation, lack of basic skills including English, Maths and ITC, compounded by caring responsibilities and cultural sensitivities. 

The consultancy involved a detailed analysis of monitoring data and feedback collected across the course of the project, review of previous end of year reports and project delivery information, and face-to-face and telephone interviews with project staff and beneficiaries, complemented by additional desk research.

The result was a robust, external evaluation and report that could be submitted to the project funder.  This set out the key successes, any issues with delivery and their effect on immediate project results and the longer-term development of services and any lessons learned from the three-year delivery.  Evaluation and analysis of the monitoring data identified the key beneficiary groups who had most benefited, differences between the needs of different beneficiary profiles, and the overall positive impact of the project on beneficiary outcomes.

It also provided important information, evidence and clear recommendations that the organisation could use to inform improvements to service delivery and its longer-term strategic planning process, and to be used as the basis from which to develop new project activities and services.

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