Organisational Strategy and Planning

Many charities and not for profits are set up in response to direct experience of an immediate need and the desire to do something to fill the gap, solve a problem, and make the situation better. 


There will then come a time when it is important to pause, take stock and plan the way ahead. This can be difficult when senior staff and Trustees are taken up with day-to-day operational concerns rather than having the capacity and resources to focus on longer term strategic and development issues.

That is when an external Consultant can help.

So if you want to:

  • ensure your organisation can take advantage of funding and service delivery opportunities, or pro-actively develop new initiatives;

  • identify, consolidate and strengthen key areas of operational service delivery;

  • ensure you continue to attract and retain funding for both core and project activities;

  • communicate and co-ordinate more effectively about an increasingly diverse or geographically spread organisation;


then give me a call or drop me an email, and we’ll talk about how best to meet your Strategic Planning needs.