Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity

"We have greatly benefited from Jane's sector knowledge, intellect, expertise and ability to manage people through reflection and change.


She has challenged us to think beyond our comfort zones meanwhile building consensus and confidence to own new directions, whilst injecting a unique energy and sense of fun.


Jane is adept at translating her experience with gravitas to influence key decision-makers and with kindness to mentor early career staff.

She worked with our directorate and key senior staff to internally and externally scope a strategic programme, assessing context, management, delivery and a complex resource environment.


Her recommendations have been widely respected and have paved the way to address new ways of working to unlock fundraising opportunities.   

Additionally, during a period when our Philanthropy Team capacity was stretched, Jane provided interim trust fundraising management and coaching. She efficiently created our approach plan for a major appeal and ensured we prioritised and phased approaches appropriately. 

With her professional eye and fresh insight, she questioned the premise of our case for support, resulting in changes which took us to another level. Her input and strategic advice prepared us to maximise opportunities and also, throughout our appeal, greatly strengthened our messaging and relationship development with a wide range of supporters.  

Thanks to Jane we not only surpassed our team target but also our effectiveness and ROI with an improved success rate."


Mandy Smith, Philanthropy Team Manager